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Govind Singh : Such a divinely Person

बाबासा के नाम से पहचाने जाने वाले गुर्जर समाज के गौरव गोविंद सिंह गुर्जर जी के बारे में यह लेख भेजा है राजभवन पांडिचेरी के कंट्रोलर बद्रीनारायणजी ने। लेखक बाबासा के काफी करीब रहे हैं। उन्होंने बाबासा से जुड़ी स्मृतियां हमसे शेयर कीं. हम उसे ज्यों की त्यों प्रकाशित कर रहे हैं।

I haven’t met Shri Mahatma Gandhiji, Gokheleji, Panditji.  But I’ve seen, met and served the contemporary Leader Shri Govind Singh Gurjarji.  The Vision of the pride personality is vast.  The fond memories of having worked as Comptroller of Household, under him brings me nostalgic and thoughtful memories.
    I haven’t seen him tired of thinking about the nation.. His devotion.. His speech.. His thoughts.. Such a divinely Person.
    I can recall twice he was fondly angry with me.  One when I stitched a robe he showed displeasure that I don’t need any..  I’m suffice with available two wear.. one to wear and other to wash.  I haven’t seen such a simple seer leader for which I sought such immediate sorry.
    The other when I planned a gift to a staff retiring on Super annuation, through His Excellency.  He instantly replied me that I shouldn’t not plan a gift at the cost of Government wherein it is the interest of peer staff to form a trust and give him a send-off.   Since he didn’t want to discourage me he called the retiring staff blessed him and offered him a shawl as a pride of the moment.  Immediately I followed his virtual thought and won his appreciation.
    Once some school students called on His Excellency.  He asked few questions.  And at last he inspired them to study well and to serve the nation first then to their home, as soon they grow.  It brings me great inspiration.
    Once I saw the pictures of His speech in a Chartered Accountant Conference, and immediately those hi-profile people prostrated at his feet.  I could surprise the revolutionary speech he tendered, has turned the aspirants to prostrate at his feet.
    I lost my father.  Wherein I took atmost care of him as my beloved father and prayed god to bless him with good health so as to, a leader to the nation’s pride.
    A day has come when god plucked him from this ephemeral world, I can’t stop myself crying and wondered the gathering in his procession, I realized how his gandhian thought has won everyone to pay the posthumous respect.
    I’m proud of myself of being served close to him, as a close subordinate serving his lotus feet and as a servant to the venerable leader.  My Salute to Rajasthan ki Gandhi and a great tribute to the great soul.
May the almighty nestle his soul in the beds of heaven.
बद्रीनारायण, कंट्रोलर, राजनिवास, पांडिचेरी

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